Soo.. Who’s Fire Dick?

Well, it’s a pseudonym. An easily resonant English translation of my real Finnish name Nick Tulinen; Tulinen translates Firey and Dick just rides well with it. Name stuff aside, I’m a commercial video-/photographer and artist based in Helsinki, Finland. Father of two sons. Neighborhood freak and normcore alchemis

For how long have you been a photographer and what kind of work have you been
involved in?

I’ve been hustling pictures for money full-time for more than a decade now. I started out by shooting journalistic work for magazines. Pretty soon after, I got involved with music and fashion kind of stuff, and from there onwards, I moved little by little towards corporate branding and advertising. Which is what I still mostly do. Prior to my professional years, I did mainly nude photography and painting. I think this plays an very important role in how i approach work in general = As an artist. As art.

Define what you do in photography Dick?

I help people to visualize their brand or product in an interesting and fun way. You could also say I’m guiding the spectators’ flow of thoughts towards new ways of experiencing things.

How does this get done Dick?

I like to get involved with everything that’s in the picture. For that reason, I often get my hands dirty with building stuff, experimenting with new mediums, animals or gravities. Fearless attitude and good resources get it done. Oh, and don’t forget to take the picture!
Productionwise I have a great network of people best in their business to produce kick-ass results.

What are you good at Dick?

I’m good at falling in love with my mission. I’m passionate and determinate, and this makes things fast and fun… and frustrating, too! But that’s love right? I’d say I’m good at keeping myself motivated.

Are you bad at anything Dick?

To be honest, if I get excited, I can make pre-production around the clock and I love it! That’s why several projects at once are poison to me. Time pressure equals less time for quality and love.

What turns you on Dick?

Humor at the exact right moment. Funny animal videos..

What’s up with the fire?

Well, simply enough, fire has become a recurring element in my work – probably because of my surname Tulinen, which translates to Firey in English. Or, it could be because of what a Shaman lady once told me. She told me that in my past life I was burned alive. Maybe this is my return, striking back with fire and art! You tell me!

So how do I get in touch with you?

I rarely keep my phone on because of work.. Best way is email! ︎ CLICK HERE to send me a message.

Short CV

NICK TULINEN b.1983 Stockholm
Photo- & Videographer, Director, Visual artist.

Lahden Muotoiluinstituutti, Photography 2007-11

HJK, Kakadu, Silvana, BBO Creative, Miltton, 358, Bond Agency, Tsto, Fiskarsin Panimo Brewery, Double Happiness, Helsingin Sanomat, S-ryhmä, Jokerit Hockey Club, Columbia Road, Coca Cola, K-Rauta, Johanna Kustannus, Sony Music, Univercal Music, ANT-Brew, ROOF LKV,  Pizza Cartel, Warner Music, Helmilevyt, Kaiku Entertainment, PME Records, Santander, Esprit, Vasemmistoliitto, L&T, Futurice, Rudanko & Kankkunen, Korkia, Nokia, Sinisalo Motorsport etc.

Image Lehti, Trendi, Mondo, Olivia, Cosmopolitan, Vice, REVS, Flow Festival, Helsingin Sanomat, HS-Nyt, Arvopaperi, Kauppalehti, FAT Finnish Art Today, Budzine, Finncult Benelux etc.

Galleria 3H+K, Venice Biennale 2013, Five Years Gallery London, Taidekeskus Ars Auttoinen, Porvoon Taidehalli, Lahden Nykytaiteen Kioski